Simplifying everyday problems since 2001


It is said that change is the only constant in our world. The key to success in such a market is finding solutions that simplify people's daily activities. Our goal is to find a real need and fill that void with something that creates value. People will benefit from our solutions.

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Solving issues

Currently, we help over 3,000 happy costumers everyday. For us, a flawless user experience is essential. Our focus is to solve the users' needs while thinking of our partners' profitability.



Thinking ahead

Technology is pushing everyone towards a more environmentally conscious lifestyle. Creating a smart solution without a compromise in approach to design, development, or technology has helped us find solutions that are proven to be sustainable. 




Solving peoples´ everyday problems requires smart and simple solutions which are easy to use. Creating tangible solutions that people actually use and benefit from is more than only having a good philosophy. This requires business acumen and knowledge of appropriate technology and design.




We believe that solid foundations lay in the basis of good communication and equal opportunities to everyone, and thus creating a healthier and better world. Software is a flexible source that can help many without the big sums of money nor at the cost of the environment.


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Control and ethics

All our solutions are born, solved and developed in-house. We want full control and good ethics behind all our products. We support gender and race equality for all benefits, payments and health insurance.